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Back to school isn't just for kids!

puppy waiting for training classIt's back to school time here in Indiana!  As we prepare our families to return to schedules we can also take a quick minute to discuss getting "back to school" with our pets!  Many families may have gotten an addition to their household in the form of a new puppy or kitten over the summer and are quickly reminded how much work their new furry friend can be.  We want to take a moment to talk about some quick tips on training your pet to be the best they can be!  Our puppies and kittens do most of their learning in the first 18 months of life but don't reach social maturity until they are 2-4 years of age and it's important to catch behavioral problems early to avoid long term issues.  Mainly we talk about training to avoid aggression and fear-based behavioral abnormalities that can make your pet a liability down the road as well as basic obedience at home.  It's important to watch your pets' body language and response to surroundings and research what they're telling you.  You may contact South Anderson Veterinary Clinic for references on how to better understand your pets' body language!  Socialization is also very important in your pets' development of social skills with both other pets and other people.  We urge you to only allow your pets to socialize with other well vaccinated, healthy pets, especially if your puppy or kitten is still undergoing their puppy/ kitten vaccine series.  While it can be tempting to "force" your pet to socialize this can often worsen fear-based aggression, let your pet explore at their comfort level and remember to reward desirable behaviors rather than punishing undesirable behaviors.  If you wish for your pup to get back to class just like the kids are doing now please contact South Anderson Veterinary Clinic for more information for reliable, certified dog training options for you to enroll your pet in obedience, socialization or other classes to help stimulate their minds and promote good behavior!  Remember, consistency is key so make sure the whole family is following all training rules put in place to ensure your pet learns proper behavior effectively.  

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