Make the holidays fun for EVERYONE!

Make the holidays fun for EVERYONE!

The holidays are fast approaching and we here at South Anderson Veterinary Clinic want to help keep you and your pets safe at home this holiday season!  Let's review some tips on how to avoid a panicked trip to the emergency room for Fido and allow everyone to enjoy time at home with family!

When it comes to foods it can be so difficult to leave our pets out of our holiday feasts but did you know that a lot of foods we humans commonly eat are actually toxic to pets?  While many people know about chocolate being toxic there are a lot of other foods we need to avoid sharing on Thanksgiving.  Things such as onions, garlic, raisins, and grapes are also toxic to our furry family!  Ingestion of enough of these items can be life threatening and often leads to a lot of time and money spent on emergency with your vets.  While turkey itself isn't technically toxic if we let our pets consume highly fatty foods like the turkey skin, gravy, large portions of the meats, and other items can cause a condition called pancreatitis.  Severe pancreatitis leads to vomiting and diarrhea with significant abdominal pain and on occasion can lead to life threatening conditions.  Please also avoid feeding the bones to your pets, while it can be tempting to say that they need a "treat" these bones are not designed to be digestible and can lead to pancreatitis, gastritis/; enteritis (inflammation of the stomach and intestines), and occasionally can also obstruct the GI tract.  This means that sometimes those bones need to be taken out of the intestines surgically, taking what was thought to be a treat to a life threatening situation for your pet.

So we here at South Anderson Veterinary Clinic want you ALL to have a happy, merry holiday season.  Please keep all table food away from your pets and be sure to tell your guests the rules too!  Also be sure to take out the trash immediately before leaving your pet unattended at home as those smells can be very tempting, even if they don't normally dive into the trash can.  Be sure to unplug all electrical decorations when not home as well to avoid any temptation for our cats and dogs to chew on electrical cords as well as preventing possible fires at home while you're gone.  

Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving!       


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