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  • ""When I come to work at South Anderson Veterinary Clinic I have the opportunity to make an impact for good with everything I do. Whether I am helping a sick pet feel better, talking to owners about tough choices or teaching support staff how to accomplish a task and developing their skills I know I can rely on my coworkers to help me succeed. I am part of the team and together we can be a light to our community. At South Anderson Veterinary Clinic I have a purpose and a team that helps me accomplish this with a smile and a laugh!"
    Veronica Busick, DVM, CCRT
  • ""I love my job! I feel like I'm really making a difference when I help a sick pet feel better or when I am able to help owners better understand how to care for their pets. Even though the job can be challenging I find it rewarding when I can come along-side an owner and help them through a difficult situation. The owner thing that makes my job great is the team of people I work with. I consider them real friends. They support me everyday on the job and on a personal level as well. We try to have fun and my teammates always keep me laughing!"
    Jen Drummond, Veterinary Assistant
  • ""Working at South Anderson Veterinary Clinic has been an enjoyable, fulfilling experience. I always enjoy learning and the wonderful doctors are constantly teaching me new things and helping me to become a better veterinary technician. The entire staff is made up of friendly, happy, hardworking and helpful individuals. Everyone is willing and eager to help their fellow team members accomplish tasks. Working with such a great team helps me to enjoy going to work."
    Sarah Weaver, RVT
  • ""Being a recent veterinary graduate I wanted to find a practice that not only emphasized high quality medicine but also provides great mentorship. I couldn't have asked for a better environment to expand on the knowledge that I built in veterinary school. Dr. Eddleman and Dr. Busick readily provide their insight on cases, both medical and surgical and we truly work as a team here. Everyone aims to keep the atmosphere positive and focus on lifting each other up throughout the day. Even after long and difficult days I leave work happy to be working here with staff that end up feeling like family. The days have a steady pace and even on busy days everything always seems to come together allowing the patient to receive the care they need with staff that strive to take care of the patient, client, as well as each other! I feel blessed to be able to work with people that I consider my friends and work-family all while practicing quality medicine.""
    Meaghan MacQueen, DVM
  • ""When I first came to South Anderson Veterinary Clinic, I was really nervous. My dream job is to be a veterinarian, but going into working at SAVC I didn't know anything. As soon as I started working there I felt right at home. Everyone has made me feel like family and even will be flexible enough to look at my own pets when I'm worried about them. Everyone is always more than happy to help one another. Working at South Anderson Veterinary Clinic has taught me so much and helped me prepare for my future steps of reaching my dream job. I'm so thankful for all the support I've gotten and wouldn't want to work with any other group of people.""
    Daria, kennel assistant
  • ""I enjoy coming to work at South Anderson Veterinary Clinic because not only do I get to help animals and their owners, but also because of my positive work environment. Everyone at SAVC has made me feel welcomed since day one. We all work well as a team and complement each other's weaknesses and strengths. The doctors and management do a great job educating and training all of the staff and are always patient enough to answer any questions or clarify any concerns on practices and procedures. I love being able to come to work and make a difference in an animal life, all the while being in an encouraging work environment.""
    Sierra, veterinary assistant
  • ""Working at South Anderson Veterinary Clinic allows me to share my passion for animals with others, whether it is with clients or other coworkers. This desire is apparent to those around me and helps to better the lives of the animals I care for and the people I work with. The staff is very accommodating and understanding when I need to stay home with my sick kids or take them to doctor appointments. The importance of family is evident! We thrive to work together as a team to create a fun and enjoyable work environment.""
    Tonye, veterinary assistant
  • ""I love working with the staff and doctors here at South Anderson Veterinary Clinic. We have become a team and family. We support each other whether it be a personal issue or a work one. I look forward to helping clients and their pets everyday. It is very rewarding when you know you have made a difference in someone else's life. It is not about just loving animals it is about showing compassion to both the owner and the pet. It is nice to know that if you need help with anything there is always someone here to help you.""
    Laura, receptionist
  • ""I started working at South Anderson Veterinary Clinic in February. Two months after starting, I found out that I was pregnant. Our manager has been very accommodating with doctor visits in my schedule. Everyone is very welcoming with new team members and are patient when I'm learning new things or techniques. I am able to ask questions without the fear of being judged. The environment here is so different from other clinics I job shadowed at. There is more laughing and joking while also knowing when to be serious. I like knowing that if I have a tough morning, I will be greeted with people who can keep my spirits up. I look forward to the many things I have yet to learn and the people I have yet to meet.""
    Krystin, veterinary assistant

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After Hours Assurance

Do you think you have an emergency but its after hours and our clinic is closed? Don't question if its a true emergency- call us first! Introducing after hours assurance- our new service that allows you to speak with one of our veterinarians after hours and on weekends about your pet's emergencies. Now you can talk with someone you trust who knows your pet and can give you home care advice and help you determine if you need to seek emergency treatment.